Lucknow Municipal Corporation Elections 2017

Check All details about Lucknow Municipal Corporation Elections, Lucknow Nagar Nigam Chunav Dates, Lucknow MC Election Schedule, UP Nagar Nigam Election Parties etc. 

After Uttar Pradesh have witnessed the recent Vidhan Sabha Elections, now this is the time for the next elections. This time Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh is set for another elections, Municipality elections. Municipal corporation, Municipality committee or nagar nigam are all synonymous. Municipality committee is the administrative authority which look after the development of the area, infrastructure there, cleanliness and everything that needs to be addressed on daily basis. So the Lucknow Municipal Corporation Elections 2017 is of great interest to the people residing there or holds some interest otherwise.

Lucknow MC Election Schedule 2017

All people who keeps interest in politics and others who will be anyways affected by the elections and results have an eager urge to know the schedule of Municipal Corporation Elections of Lucknow. Well there is no clear notification regarding exact dates of schedule of elections, but tough estimate us signaled by various officials.

Lucknow Municipal Corporation Elections 2017

It is expected that official notification regarding elections will be out for public by June end.

Nomination of candidates will be made in the month of July and date for withdrawal of candidature could also be declared in the same month.

Date for casting of vote and counting if votes  is expected to be in the month of August.

Some sources also state that Municipal Corporation could be all free even with results by the mid of July. We look forward for the early declaration of the schedule and thereby results.

Mode of Voting

There are mainly two ways if casting the votes, manually and electronically. Voting in Nagar PanchayatNagar Nigam, Nagar Palika and Nagar Nikay will be done using Electronic Voting Machine. (EVM). And voting in gram panchayat will be done manually using ballet system.

UP Nagar Nigam Chunav ~ AAP,BJP,BSP,SP Parties

  • AAP

AAP is in full try to prove its strength in Lucknow Municipal Elections. AAP state incharge is in meetings with zonal and District officials. Vaibhav Maheshwari, party spokesperson said that the party volunteers have already started campaigning for the elections.

  • BJP

Bharatiya Janata Party is already hosting the flags of victory everywhere. So they are thinking of repeating the same strategies as they did for Delhi MCD elections.

  • BSP

Mayawati, the upper hand of the party reflected in his saying that the party have lost its voters and that the party lacks the glue that needs for binding people with the party.

  • SP

After a great loss in vidhan sabha chunav the president of Samajwadi Party -Akhilesh will try at hir best to win lucknow nagar nigam elections 2017.

UP Nagar Nigam Chunav 2017

So each party is in full force to excel in the Lucknow Municipal Elections. We wish all the best to all the parties for Lucknow Municipal Corporation Elections 2017.

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